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    why Humane travel?
Important Note IMPORTANT NOTE: Humane Travel not only provides our customers with great value, we are also dedicated to animal-friendly travel. We do not promote travel that involves bullfights, circuses, or other destinations that exploit and abuse animals and will be happy to help make sure your own travel experience accounts for any dietary choices. We are doing our part by providing comprehensive travel options, great customer rates, and a charitable donation to help support PETA’s vital work for animals from virtually every booking...that’s what Humane Travel is all about!

Why Humane Travel?

• Great Value

Our customers receive great rates, many of which are not available through any other provider.

• Great Service

Our customers can book reservations by Internet and by phone with one of our knowledgeable and compassionate representatives. All while accessing the most comprehensive travel offerings in the world.

• Great Compassion

We do our best to ensure that none of the terrific travel options we provide include destinations such as circuses and bullfights that exploit and abuse animals.

• Great Cause

A donation from virtually every booking will be made to PETA, the world’s most effective animal rights organization!

Here’s How It Works

1. Explore Humane Travel and choose a vacation destination
2. Book your vacation through Humane Travel
3. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to PETA where funds
will be used to help save animals from abuse and neglect!

Humane Travel Offerings

  • 500,000+ Hotels
  • 8,000+ Tour Packages (every major)
  • 39 Cruise Lines (all ships/itineraries)
  • 5,000+ Sports Travel Packages (Olympics, World Cup, and more)
  • 60,000+ Condos/Apartments/Castles/Bed&Breakfasts
  • Custom Vacations (exclusive offerings)
  • 400,000+ Destination Activities
  • And more!